4 Ways to Adjust Your Marketing Strategy During COVID-19

There are several things that have changed in our current economic climate, one of these being the behavior of consumers. Online shopping habits have greatly increased, as we all seek to have whatever we need delivered to our new home. E-commerce has taken a sharp turn, but it’s far from disappeared, and businesses are working to determine ways to navigate the situation. Today we explore how you can adjust your marketing strategy during COVID-19.

Stream More

As this article continues, you’ll see that much of what we discuss is contingent on the fact that people are spending more time at home. This is because where and how they see ads changes with where they spend their time online. You may have noticed a spike in streaming, as more people have time to tune in and interact with streams. Longer broadcasts need not be advertorial—video advertisements are also a worthy endeavor—but you can use these as an opportunity to entertain and get to know your audience.

Focus on Onsite Content

There are several benefits to frequently posting blogs and articles on your website. One of these is that you can spend time working on your search engine optimization (SEO) campaign and growing your organic rankings. Another positive at this time is, of course, time spent online. Sites that regularly output content will be attractive to consumers, as it means customers will have something interesting to consume. Focus on writing posts that are around 300 to 600 words in length and use headers and bullet points. This makes it easy to scan the piece and collect the most important information.

Share Resources

Your audience has many questions and concerns, and they’re looking for information. You can show authority by sharing helpful resources. These can include news regarding currents events or various tips regarding the aspects of staying at home. While you do this, be sure to show empathy towards your audience and find ways to interact and connect with them.

Use Paid Social

Paid social is a smart marketing method at this time, as this is where people are spending their time. When it comes to adjusting your marketing strategy during COVID-19, utilizing paid social is a must. Platforms such as Facebook are attractive because not only are you gaining visibility, but this is also a form of advertising that allows you to choose your own budget.