Innovations in the Electric Car Industry

You can’t deny that technology permeates your everyday life—so much so that technology has seeped into how you travel. For example, some trains and electric cars run off solar power. Companies such as Tesla, Toyota, BMW, Ford, and Chevrolet are feeding off of one another’s innovations to produce the best electric car model. Continue reading to learn some of the innovations in the electric car industry.

Battery improvements

Since the first electric vehicle, electric batteries have seen steady improvement—both in the mile-range and startup time. For instance, many of the original electric vehicle batteries were lucky to last 150 to 200 miles on a full charge. Nowadays, consumers expect at least 200 miles on a full charge; luckily, most modern electric vehicles get well above 200 miles. For instance, the Tesla Model S boasts a range of 391 miles on a full charge.

Better charging solutions

The lack of charging stations was one of the main reasons people were skeptical about purchasing electric vehicles when they first launched. Luckily, car companies as well as the government have recognized the tremendous value of electric vehicles and are adding thousands of charging stations throughout the country. Additionally, some companies are working on including solar panels on their vehicles—that way, you’ll never have to stop to charge up.

Electric vehicles are getting bigger––much bigger

When you think of an electric vehicle, you probably think of a Toyota Prius, a BMW i3, or one of the Tesla models. These are all smaller sedans, maybe with the exception of the Tesla Model X or Y. However, in 2017, Tesla announced that they were working on an electric-powered semitruck. Of course, you can’t forget about the Cybertruck announced in 2019. In other words, electric vehicles are getting larger and larger.

Even with all these innovations in the electric car industry, you can’t neglect some basic maintenance. You won’t have any oil to change, but you’ll still need to top off fluids and maintain your brakes and tires. Luckily, you can find affordable, high-quality tires for your electric vehicle across the country.