How to Improve Network Efficiency

The most dreaded words in the business world just might be. “the network is down.” When productivity and profitability rely on a fast and reliable network, IT professionals spend their time figuring out how to improve network efficiency.

It’s a Business Network, Not a Streaming Service

When everyone was still at the office, network slowdowns often happened because many people were using high-bandwidth applications, downloading big files, or streaming music all at once. Now that so many employees are working from home, it would seem those problems should disappear. But home-based workers may not realize that their problems with speed are coming from their own wireless home network. Everyone is home streaming movies, gaming, shopping, going to school, and trying to work online all at once. Provide home-based workers with suggestions about how to manage internet use at home to stay productive. Start by making sure everyone knows how to clear their cache regularly, and be helpful with suggestions about how to place routers and create faster wired connections with Ethernet cables for the device the WFH employee uses to complete their work.

Use Network Mapping and Monitoring Software

Dynamic network mapping allows IT professionals to see all the devices connected to the network, and monitoring helps identify hardware that may be the source of bottlenecks. With employees working from far-flung locations and using multiple devices to connect, keeping an eye on devices accessing your network is important not just for speed, but also for security. On the flipside, provide helpful information to home-based workers about how to encrypt their home networks and install your VPN or an app that provides VPN service.

The company’s website is its external face and lifeline to the outside world. Every minute of downtime might mean lost sales and customers. Monitor the company website daily and perform audits to ensure each page and link is working properly.

Sweep for Malware Regularly

Remind users to beware of phishing scams in their company email and advise them on how to spot a suspicious email. With data flowing in and out over home-based networks to the company network, there are more opportunities for malware to hitch a ride. Ensure network security software is up to date and that it routinely searches for malware. Plus, it must remove or quarantine any malware it may find.

Troubleshooting business networks is less onerous when improving network efficiency is a priority for all.