Fall bugs affect Apple iPhone: one causes overheating, and another can cause a drained battery

Apple released the iOS 17.0.3 update to correct a bug causing iPhones, especially the iPhone 15 Pro, to overheat. 

A second update, iOS 17.1 beta 3 corrects a bug that drained iPhone battery life due to increased power consumption when the device was paired with an Apple Watch running watchOS 10.1.

Apple did not disclose the power consumption bug until after after the release of iOS 17.1 beta 3.

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Missing: Amazon SiteStripe down for a short time on Thursday evening, September 28, 2023

Locating settings to find Amazon SiteStripe controls to enable SiteStripe: If SiteStripe is still missing when SiteStripe is configured to be enabled, the feature may be temporarily unavailable, or you may have to check to see if browser or Internet settings are causing the missing feature.

Amazon SiteStripe was not available for a short time period, Thursday evening, September 28, 2023 in Chicagoland. A quick check of the SiteStripe confirmed that the SiteStripe was enabled.

When logged in as an Amazon affiliate (Amazon Associates), follow this path to the settings for SiteStripe ...

Tool (tab/menu): SiteStripe: Learn more (in paragraph): confirm or configure slide switch to Enabled

Check to see if SiteStipe is visible.  If SiteStripe is still missing when SiteStripe is configured to be enabled, the feature may be temporarily unavailable and you will need to wait until it is working; or you might check to see if browser or Internet settings are causing the feature to be missing.

The Amazon SiteStripe feature allows Amazon to create links directly from the Amazon.com site without having to visit Associates Central. It lets you build links to any page on Amazon, and even share those links on Facebook or Twitter. It also has handy short-cuts to some other useful Associates pages.

How to Program a PL Tone (CTCSS/DCS) on a Radio Shack Pro-160 Scanner

Instructions for adding a PL Tone (CTCSS/DCS) to a frequency programmed in a Radio Shack Pro-160 Scanner. The Pro-160 was manufactured by Uniden Japan for Radio Shack. The Pro-160 is the base/mobile version of the Pro-162 and uses the same software and cables.

Amazon Ads Are Not Displaying Due to SSL Certificate Expiration

Amazon's SSL certificate is expired for the domain that serves native ads for Amazon to Amazon Associates websites. The certificate expiration causes Amazon ads to be blocked from display on websites that are configured with https. Web browsers do not display results of code that is not configured with https, and does not display results of code that is configured properly without a valid SSL certificates

The certificate expired on Monday, January 10, 2022 at 5:59:59 PM Central Standard Time. Ads have been blocked from display from at least January 11, 2022 through January 14, 2022.

Amazon provided no alert to Amazon Associates regarding any effort to resolve the issue. 

Amazon Associates use Amazon ads to provide income to fund website operations, or use Amazon ads to sell products as a major source of income.

Industries That Use Video Walls

Live Production Mastery - YouTube

Video walls are popular pieces of technology that are finding their way into many industries. You have likely seen and maybe even used video walls at some point. Video walls offer a ton of benefits such as improving communication, accessibility to important information, and so much more. Learn about some of the industries that use video walls ahead.

Best Technology for Your Warehouse

Warehouses are essential to supply chain management and logistics. Every product needs proper storage before delivery to customers and retailers. While products sit, warehouse managers need the best services and telecommunications for their facility. Still, there are some ways they can further improve their daily operations. Here is the best technology for your warehouse, including automated, sustainable, handheld, and management systems.

Tips for Improving Live Broadcasts

From the outside looking in, news broadcasting seems like a simple task. You look at the notes, sit down, turn the camera on, and begin the entertainment. However, there are many different forms of technology that are necessary for the broadcast to run. Not only is that tech necessary, but it’s also evolving quite consistently. Take a glimpse at these tips for improving live broadcasts with the best and most efficient tech on the market.

Optimize Your Lighting Set Up

Like many of the production factors we’ll discuss in this guide, lighting is incredibly important to viewer engagement. If viewers are trying to watch a news broadcast, but the lighting is either way too dark or way too bright, why wouldn’t they stop watching and head over to a news station with better video quality? A great piece of guidance to use when buying a contemporary lighting setup is getting LED lights. The popularity of LED lights in broadcasts has increased for a bevy of reasons, including their low power consumption and flexibility in outdoor environments.

Use Modern Teleprompter Methods

Another key piece of technology used for live broadcasts is a teleprompter system. These long-used pieces of video equipment provide necessary talking points to presenters during the broadcast, often set up behind or beside the camera. Today, productions can obtain teleprompter rigs that have a slot for iPad use. An iPad can be easily transformed into a teleprompter with the right app and a compatible teleprompter system. These iPad teleprompter systems are recommended because they can be used for your normal broadcasting needs or can function as a quick back up if anything happens to your current system. Technical difficulties aren’t rare during live broadcasts, so having a Plan B for any production is a good idea.

Test Your Tech Before Broadcasting

As mentioned above, technical difficulties can occur during a broadcast. It’s not that rare but it can be avoided with the proper precautions. Before going live, test all of the essential equipment to make sure it runs smoothly. Proper lighting, camera functions, lighting arrangements, and all of the important production equipment make your show as great as it can be. That way, if something fishy is going on with your equipment or the broadcast itself, you can catch it early on and fix it. Whether it’s a loose power cord or a network connection on the fritz, you’ll be happy you caught it before the stream, as opposed to halfway through.

These tips for improving live broadcasts will help your production flow smoothly while staying up to date with the most useful production technology, and techniques, available today. By keeping a close eye on the shifting video production tech market, you can keep your broadcast relevant and functioning on a regular basis.

What to Do With a Broken Television

No matter how high end they may be, all products have a set lifespan. This includes televisions. While certain TVs may retain their quality and performance a bit longer than others, every TV will eventually break down. In addition to the excitement of shopping for a newer, better model, you will also need to consider what to do with the now unusable TV. There are several different options for what to do with a broken television, each which may better suit different circumstances. As such, take into account your TV’s model and the extent of damage when considering what to do with your broken television.

DIY Electronics Projects for Beginners

If you have a love for technology, you will probably come to the point where you want to learn how to make devices of your own. There are lots of things you can build with the right parts, some patience, and a quick tutorial search online. But what should you choose as you start out your journey into becoming a maker? We suggest trying these fun DIY electronics projects for beginners, each of which has many easy-to-follow tutorials on the web.

How to Care for Your Video Game Consoles

The days of Xbox’s circle of death might be behind us, but that doesn’t mean video game consoles are invincible. A video game console can be quite the investment, especially with the next generation of technology on the way, which is just one reason why you should take care of it. For some tips, learn how to care for your video game consoles ahead.  

Allow Air to Circulate 

A common mistake many gamers make with their video consoles is not allowing for air to circulate. Video game consoles require a lot of firepower to work properly and it’s important for them to remain cool. Therefore, place your video game console on a TV stand that has an open back. Also, avoid keeping anything on top of or underneath your video game, as this can also keep it from having circulating air flow.   

Remove Any Dust or Grime 

Another good way to take care of your video game console is to remove dust or grime by keeping regularly cleaning it. Simply use a duster, microfiber cloth, or Swiffer to carefully remove any dust that might have gathered on your video game console. As for any grime, you can use a conservative amount of cleaning solution to wipe the console down. Be sure to keep any liquid drinks away from your console at all times and use disinfectant wipes on your video game controllers too.  

Be Cautious When You Move It 

You are bound to move your video game console at some point, and this is when a lot of damage can occur. First things first, make sure your console is off and unplugged when you are moving it, as well as making sure there is no disc inside. Moving it while a disc is inside the console can make your game unplayable. If you haven’t thrown out the box your console came in, also keep on hand as well, or invest in a console transport case. If you are transporting your console in a vehicle, make sure to place it on the floor or on a flat surface and don’t pile items on top of it.  
It’s important to know how to care for your video game console so you can keep playing for a long period of time and potentially get a good price if you ever decide to sell it.