What is a Smartphone Screen Made of?

Whether you have an iPhone, a Samsung, or a Motorola, all smartphones are comprised of three basic components: a liquid crystal display, wires that detect touch, and a protective glass cover. Some models are also starting to utilize emerging technologies such as screens that incorporate touch sensitivity in the display. Keep reading for a more in-depth explanation of what smartphone screens are made of.

What is a Smart Phone Screen Made of?

Protective Glass Cover

Covering and protecting the front of the phone is the glass cover. Believe it or not, the material from which smartphone screens are made is very strong, durable, and increasingly shatter-resistant. When Steve Jobs first created the iPhone, he contracted with the Corning Corporation to come up with a product to protect his world-changing invention. Corning dusted off a type of super-strong glass they’d made in the 1960s that never really caught on commercially. It was a perfect fit for the iPhone, and Gorilla Glass was born. Gorilla Glass has four main properties: hardness, thinness, lightness, and scratch resistance. On the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, Gorilla Glass rates a nine. For comparison, diamond—the hardest element in the world—rates a 10 on the Mohs scale. Smartphones were the first product to utilize the strong glass, but now you can also find it in laptops, tablets, wearable technologies such as smart watches, and GPS systems.

Liquid Crystal Display & Touch Screen

All images on a smartphone are displayed on a liquid crystal display, a technology most TVs and computer monitors also use. An electrical current adjusts the color of the individual pixels to create an image. While TVs use a fluorescent backlight to light the image, a phone uses LED backlights to save space and power. On top of the display is a touch screen, which is essentially a grid of wires that generates an electrical field that detects your touch. When you touch a spot on the screen, your finger disrupts the electrical field. The phone can locate the disruption and interpret it as a tap. A capacitive touch screen won’t detect pressure the way a resistive touch screen does, which is why it won’t register the touch of a stylus or fingernail.

5 Ways to Market Your Small Business Online

When you want to grow your small business, it’s extremely important that you utilize some form of online marketing. You’ll be hard-pressed to find a business that doesn’t have a website and social media accounts. You may feel hesitant about diving into online marketing because of the costs associated with many tactics, but it’s okay to smart small. We offer some tips on how to market your small business online—as a bonus, all of them are budget friendly.

1. Know Your Demographic

One of the most important aspects of marketing is knowing the details about your intended demographic. This information will determine how you should craft your ads, as well as the sites you may target. There are a few different ways you can reach the right customers.

2. Invest in Email Marketing

Of the different paid advertisement types, email marketing is definitely one of the more affordable options. It can cost businesses around a couple hundred dollars a month, but it has the potential to generate a substantial ROI—many businesses earn nearly $40 for every $1 they invest.

3. Have a Website

This may seem obvious, but some business neglect putting up a website, or they have one and completely ignore it. A functional website, however, plays an integral role in effectively growing your business. This is where customers can learn more about what you have to offer, and they can easily contact you with any questions. Since many individuals do much of their browsing from their phone, make sure you have a mobile-friendly website.

4. Build a Blog

Another important aspect of a business’s website is a blog. Google loves useful content, and its algorithm will recognize keywords, which may increase your website’s ranking. If you want to truly optimize your blog, know that Google likes bullet points and lists. It’s also important to note that, while keywords are important, you may get penalized if you stuff your content with them.

5. Have a Facebook

A Facebook page allows customers to see what’s new with your business, interact with you, and post positive reviews. When you build social media accounts, you can use them to link back to each other to build awareness. If you find Facebook works well for you, you can eventually promote your business on the site.

Ways that Drones are Changing Businesses

Technology is constantly changing today. In our cars, homes, and even the workplace, technology is improving our everyday lives. Specifically, unmanned aerial vehicles are significantly contributing to workplace improvements today. Productivity, safety, convenience, and security are just some of the ways that drones are changing businesses.

Boost Productivity

Drones are greatly increasing productivity in the workplace. They can be used for various purposes, such as mapping, surveillance, and inspections. A drone’s versatility allows for significantly improved jobsite productivity. Specifically, they’re able to inspect any safety issues, analyze the noise footprints, and identify and maximize revenue. Companies can also inspect for damages in hard to reach places. For example, insurance companies can use drones for property inspection.

Ensure Worker and Field Safety

Drones also maintain worker safety. In many industries, drones can monitor workers from a secure location. From there, drones spot hazards and assess any potential risks. With this, managers don’t have to put workers at risk in potentially dangerous situations. Additionally, drones can spot structural issues in hard to reach areas. Engineers can use drones to spot issues in bridges, dams, buildings, and construction sites without putting workers at risk. Using drone inspections reduces human injury and ensures a safe work environment.

Add Convenience

For certain industries, such as package delivery, drones offer great convenience. A drone’s ability to fly and carry a certain amount of weight makes it optimal for home deliveries where a car and driver were previously needed. Some companies, like Amazon and UPS, are experimenting with drone usage for a cheaper, more reliable package delivery system. In fact, drones can even be used for food delivery. Their unmanned flying capabilities allow for a faster, more efficient response time. Still, airspace restrictions and legality prohibit this delivery system to be used on a grand scale yet. The drone travel’s convenience makes it a promising feature for the future of delivery services.

Increase Security

Their ability to reach great heights and hard-to-reach places make drones excellent for workplace security. In stores and businesses, drones can spot theft and shoplifting better than traditional security systems. Security cameras, for instance, typically can only monitor a certain radius before hitting a blind spot. Drones do not face this issue. Security drones survey an entire property, can alert law enforcement, and can even tag intruders with a dye pack or other protective measure.

The Smart Way to Move a Computer During an Office Move

An office move can cause many people stress. The possibility of breaking or losing important, and expensive, pieces of equipment vital to your job increases during a move. The most important piece in today’s working world is a computer. Here’s the smart way to move a computer during an office move.

Organize the Wires

An easy mistake plenty of people make happens before they take their computer apart for a move, which is not organizing all the wires. A computer has many pieces you will have to transport, and wires are where it starts to get messy. Make your life a whole lot easier by labeling each wire and color coding them, so you can keep things in order during the move.

Place it in a Heavy-Duty Box

Since a lot of different equipment will move from one building to another, ensure you place the computer and all of its parts in a heavy-duty box. This way, you can avoid any potential damage that may come to it as you transport it.

Use Cushions

In addition to placing it in a heavy-duty box, you should also surround the computer with soft materials, like blankets and pillows, so it doesn’t get damaged. A computer monitor can easily get scratched, so wrap a blanket around it first. Then, place the wrapped computer in the container.

Don’t Carry Too Much

Another common mistake people make when they move is carrying too much at once. You many think you can handle it all, but you should handle an expensive piece of equipment, like a computer, with care.

Make Sure It’s on a Flat Surface

As you move your computer to another office, place the box on a flat surface. Your computer holds a lot of value, and you shouldn’t put the box on top of something that’s not sturdy. This decreases the risk any damage will happen to your equipment.

Following the smart way to move a computer during an office move will help you keep that valuable desktop protected.

The Largest Cyberattacks on Businesses

Cyberattacks are one of the biggest threats many businesses face today. This is a large reason why so many companies invest so much time and money to prevent data breaches. Given how much we rely on the internet and computers, every industry is vulnerable. Every industry has a responsibility to protect their employees, partners, and customers because if cybersecurity isn’t a priority, a company will likely face huge repercussions. To learn from past mistakes, here are some of the largest cyberattacks on business.


From 2013 to 2014, Yahoo! faced one of the largest cyber-attacks on a business with over three billion user accounts affected. The Yahoo! hackers were able to obtain names, email addresses, phone numbers, and birthdates. As a result, Yahoo! lost over $350 million from its sale price. As a result of the hack, Verizon ended up buying Yahoo! for $4.8 billion in 2016.


Another significant data breach happened to Marriott International from 2014 to 2018. Around 500 million Marriott customers suffered from stolen data, such as contact information, passport number, travel information, and more. This breach happened to Starwood hotels in 2014, and Marriott took on the issue after acquiring them in 2016. However, they were unaware of this fact upon purchase, as they didn’t discover the data breach until 2018.

Adult Friend Finder

Internet hackers were able to obtain 412.2 million accounts on The FriendFinder Network. The information collected included names, passwords, email addresses, and more back from over 20 years. It then came to light this data breach had been Local File Inclusion.


Even though there is one of the biggest retail chains in the United States, Target experienced a hack in 2013. Hackers collected contact, credit, and debit card information, which harmed up to 110 million people right as the holiday season hit. Attackers pulled off the hack via malware in Target’s cash registers. The cost of the Target data breach was around $202 million.