9to5Mac Review: USB-C to Lightning Cable - A Must-Have for the 12.9" iPad Pro

9to5 Mac recommends 12.9" iPad Pro owners invest in Apple's USB-C to Lightning Cable and USB-C Power Adapter.

Apple's USB-C to Lightning Cable and USB-C Power Adapter means faster charging. Of course, Apple should have shipped with the better adapter.

How to Delete Multiple Photos from an Apple iPhone -- and Videos, Too

Here is an easy method to delete multiple photos on an Apple iPhone. CAUTION: Once you delete photos or videos from an iPhone you cannot retrieve the photos or videos (without extreme forensics tools).

Open the Photos App

Choose the "Photos" tab it it's not selected by default

Use your finger to browse to the group of photos or video clips that are organized by date

When you see the group, tap on the Select button at the top-right of the iPhone. All of the photos and/or video in the date-categorized group are selected. If you don't want specific photos or videos deleted, you can tap on the photo or video to unselect the item singularly. Items set for selection are indicated with a checkmark -- toggled on or off.

Tap the TRASH icon in the lower right to delete the bulk photos.

Confirm and Tap "Delete XX Photos" to perform irreversible delete process.

SKYSCAN Atomic Clock with Outdoor Wireless Temperature Model 86722 Operating Manual, Fix, and Alternate Products

The battery contacts can become insecure. Bend them out or extend them out using a pliers to make better contact with the batteries.

To get the outdoor temperature display to work again. Pull the batteries out of the outdoor temperature transmitter and clock and leave out for at least 30 seconds.  Prepare battery installation for both clock and transmitter. Place batteries in clock, then immediately place batteries in transmitter (install batteries in transmitter before manually setting clock). Outdoor temperature should display immediately but can take up to four minutes.

Microsoft 10 and Big Uses For Tiny Computer: Raspberry Pi 3 | Tech Bet | CNBC

The Raspberry Pi 3 could help power your smart home. The new Raspberry Pi 3 chip is fast, smart, and can help contribute to the Internet of Things, robotics, and the overall tech sector.

A credit card-sized computer board has been used for education, but may start to be used for home-control Internet of Things type of functions.