So Is Something New Going to Replace NimbleTV, or Not?

Well this didn't take long to get destroyed.  Nimble TV which launched in Chicago in August 2014 and in New York one year before, is finished in January 2015. Nimble TV shut down and announced "we've been acquired! Learn more about the exciting future of NimbleTV!"

NimbleTV let out some gibberish to direct-to-consumeroids who really could not care less. A confusing set of letters from the old NimbleTV,  and the new Synacor left no recourse for NimbleTV customers.  But they thanks their loyal customers ... "However, none of this would have been possible if people didn’t enjoy and want NimbleTV. So we’d like to thank all our loyal customers who have supported NimbleTV for the past couple of years. We have nothing but gratitude and appreciation for your patronage." In other words, "thanks we enjoyed using you as guinea pigs for a slightly different purpose, none of which benefits you, directly."  Why didn't they just flat out say. Hey it sucks, NimbleTV was cool, but we're not going to do it anymore. We're going to transfer the technology to something new and exciting.