Your Logitech G500 Gamer Mouse Got Hammered with Static? Here's a Possible Fix

Logitech G500 gamer mouse defect problem + fix (review/video credit: Gene Angel.

Update Note from Gene Angel: "After experimenting for a time I have concluded that it's better to use aluminum foil than plastic wrap. The reason is the hammers over time will wear the plastic wrap out. Just make sure you unplug your mouse before repair. Secondly, the aluminum foil rectangle should NOT reach the very bottom of the switch or make contact with ANY other part of the mouse. Aluminum foil contact can cause a short and kill the mouse, so USE those rubber bands or just use plastic/tape! UNPLUG your mouse! Just cut the aluminum foil into the switch-sized rectangles. Put them on with the rubber band without slack but not so tight it will tear when pressed. Other material (static bag) may work as well? Feel free to post your results."

Weatherscan Available on Comcast Infinity Cable Boxes and DVR Boxes But Not Digital Adapters

Weatherscan -- a spinoff of The Weather Channel -- features uninterrupted local weather information in graphical format on a continuous loop that is generated by an IntelliStar unit installed at the cable provider's headend.

Weatherscan does not feature on-air talent of any kind or any reality television programming. LocalWeather Radar is constantly on display, and regional weather radar occasionally rotates on the large frame with a graphical local forecast, weather almanac and record display, ultraviolet index, health weathe forecast.

Weatherscan is available in many major markets throughout the United States, but its availability is not geographically as prevalent as The Weather Channel.  Weatherscan is also not as prevalent on all tiers of services, for example on some cable providers. Comcast xfinity received many complaints when they seemingly removed WeatherScan from their channel lineup. In fact, WeatherScan is available on full-fledged cable boxes that include the on-screen programming guide. WeatherScan is not available on the smaller digital adapter boxes.

Many cable providers offer Weatherscan on their digital tiers only, although a few providers carry Weatherscan on their basic tier (where The Weather Channel is also offered).

Many viewers believe Weatherscan should be part of all basic cable service and higher service tiers because it involves life safety issues.

Weatherscan promotion from The Weather Channel.

The Weatherscan Advantage, according to The Weather Channel --

Superior weather forecasting powered by proprietary forecast on demand technology

Provides viewers with hyper-local experience 24/7/365

Current weather conditions and forecasts always available

Vital resource during sevre weather with localized real-time alerts

Localized emergency preparedness information during severe weather from local emergency management

Unrivaled access to detailed radar information

City ticker with current conditions and forecasts for surrounding cities, area of interest and airport delays

Some comments about missing Weatherscan ...
  1. uhh comcast canceled weatherscan apparently?! this is bulls*%t. where do i get my weather and my smooth tunes now????
  2. Why have they been making Weatherscan so much harder to get? Stupid cable companies have added it to their "expanded basic" cable and you have to pay extra. WHY? And why is the weather channel more about TV shows than the actual weather? BRING BACK THE OLD WEATHER CHANNEL PLEASE!!! I'm a self proclaimed addict lol.
  3. I began watching the weather channel and loved (a frequently needed) the "local on the 8's" feature. I am SO disappointed that often there is no "local on the 8's" to be seen because of boring and repetitive shows. I really wish local on the 8's with radar could at least be shown in a pip format. Streaming the info on the bottom of the screen is worthless when there is severe weather in the area. Please fix this at once or risk loosing increasing numbers of your audiance.
  4. What happened to weatherscan channel 49 verizon fios for the philadelphia area. Now channel 49 is The Weather Channel. Most of us do not care about the weather. Across the country. Local on the 8's is a joke. The most local it gets for us is the Northeast portion of the country!!!! This is no good bring back local weatherscan !!!!!
  5. Why can we no longer see the local forecast for our area running along the bottom of the screen of the TV. We see weather conditions all over the country but none for our local area any more. When Local on the 8 comes on it shows weather nationwide not locally. Can't get a local forecast anymore. What's going on?
  6. Same problem here.....all of a sudden we are getting weather for Indiana, Oak Lawn, Homewood.....what happened to the local weather for Joliet and Romeoville areal......Please correct this ASAP....this is really not helpful at all......a 30 mile difference is huge in what actually channel and weather scan are now BOTH completely useless to get actual local weather from.
  7. Don't watch the weather channel anymore. The local weather is not local, just a rehash of radar blips over the whole USA. To many "war stories" and not enough weather. Get with it WC or lose more of your viewers.
  8. Kill all the non-weather garbage please, it's becoming ridiculous
  9. Just a few days ago, one of the mostly needed channels is gone from the channel line-up, Weatherscan channel # 101 in nw suburburbs, it was on the non-hd channels section, but was a 24 hour weather channel themed weather radar for current weather radar, but now its gone, lots of people not to happy, and of course the very tallented people at comcast could have programmed something on that channel to inform everyone of the change, if its re-located to another ch number, they could have left ch 101 there with detailed info for a few days, nope, it was totally deleted, and no extra info for anyone......  All I can say, it's Scamtastic !!!
  10. Why would you get rid of the weather scan on channel 101?  It is one of the most used channels on our system, and apparently on many others' systems as well.

Frozen Mouse: How Do You Shut Down a Mac Without a Mouse?

If your mouse freezes, but you still have control of the keyboard, and it is functioning (hint: see if COMMAND - TAB allows you to toggle among applications), you should be able to shut down you Mac with the following keyboard simultaneous commands ...

Command-Option-Control-Media Eject

The command should Quit all applications after giving you a chance to save changes to open documents, and then shut down the computer.

How to Unhide a Previously Hidden Post in a in a Facebook Page; the Command Is in the Activity Log

If you ever hid a post on the timeline of a page, you might have found it difficult to find out how to unhide the post.

#1. Look for the Activity Menu (second from left) at the top of the page, just below the blue Facebook bar.

#2. Click on the word "Activity" and you will see the Activity Log on the right two-thirds of the page. If you see you hidden page, click on the little "DO NOT ENTER" simple on the right. When you click on the symbol, you will see a drop down menu. Uncheck "Hidden from Page."

If you don't see the hidden page entry keep scrolling down ...

#3. Scroll down to the bottom of the activity log. When you get to the bottom of the page, you will see two sentences.

"End of notifications. View Activity Log for older activity." The words "Activity Log" are linked text ...

#4. Click on the linked text "Activity Log" and you will see older post activity. When you find you the hidden post, follow the instructions in #2 above.

How Do You Write FileMaker Code When You Want a Quotation Mark? Problems with "Quotation Marks" Fixed in FileMaker Scripts

Here is a very important trip especially if you're trying to include a quotation mark as part of concatenation to write a command that helps you write HTML code. Without this tip, every time you try to place your quotation mark it becomes part of your command structure of the code

To concatenate a quote mark in a calculation formula, type four quote marks.

For example, enter this formula into a calculation field, resulting in text:

FirstName & "^" & """" & Bosco & """" & "^" & LastName

(In this example, the FirstName field is concatenated with a double-quote character, etc. You should type a space where you see a caret (^) in this formula.) You don't actually put the caret in this code example.

The sample output from this formula is as such:
Jonathan "Bosco" Doe

Note: Beginning with FileMaker Pro 7, you can also use "\"" to insert a quote.

FileMaker Concatenating a Quote Mark in a Calculation Formula

WireLurker Malware Exploits Mac OS X and iOS Via Trojanized and Re-Packaged Applications

Apple on Thursday announced it is currently taking measures to block apps that contain the so-called "WireLurker" malware, which transmits from a Mac to iOS devices over USB.

Apple confirmed that the malicious software is "available from a download site aimed at users in China." In order to stop the spread of the "WireLurker" malware, Apple has blocked the applications in question, and is preventing the questionable apps from launching on Macs.

A total 467 infected applications have been discovered on the Chinese Maiyadi App Store for Mac OS X systems -- and unofficial third-party store that doesn't meet the security specifications of the official Mac App Store, which controls app approval. Collectively the apps have been downloaded over 356,000 times.

Palo Alto Networks found that WireLurker has been active in China for the past six months, first infecting Macs by inserting trojan software through repackaged OS X apps, then moving on to iOS devices over wired USB when Apple iPads and iPhones are connected to Macs. Palo Alto Networks announced the malware Wednesday. Palo Alto learned that a developer at Tencent Holdings Ltd. first made note of the threat in June, and then threads on Apple forums started disclosing messages about the installation of strange applications and the creation of enterprise provisioning profiles.

Palo Alto threat intelligence team Unit 42 reported WireLurker is the first known malware family that can infect installed iOS applications similar to how a traditional virus would, and it’s only the second-known malware family that can attack iOS devices through OS X — the operating system that powers every Apple Mac.kll

WireLurker can access sensitive data such as viewing user contacts data or iMessages, and it can also ping a remote server for command-and-control operations. Palo Alto Networks estimates that the 467 infected OS X applications could have been downloaded more than 350,000 times in the past six months, potentially affecting "hundreds of thousands of users."

Palo Alto Networks is a network security company which provides advanced firewalls.

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