Take a Tour Through Google Data Center: Google Begins Virtual Open House of Server Centers

Google's data centers in a guided tour. See what powers Google's products, and then explore on your own in Street View: google.com/about/datacenters/streetview

Google is showing their data centers in guided tours via YouTube, StreetView and Photo galleries. Google data has a virtual open house that shows what data centers look like.

Joe Kava Senior Director, Google is appearing on morning television explaining that Google is showing the public a virtual open house via a new website. Google serves billions of pages, but the security of customer data doesn't allow walking tours for the public in their facilities. However, Google now shows off its facilities using its own technology -- Google Street view, YouTube and traditional photo galleries.

Google data centers exist in Council Bluffs, Iowa; St. Ghislain, Belgium; and future sites include Hong Kong and Singapore.

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My Token Is What? Facebook Token Is "uh Broken"

Facebook has a way of messing with App publishers and users by making changes and not documenting the changes. They have something called an access token that allows an app to publish to a Facebook page while a user is not logged in. Lately a message pops up when a blogger/user checks the RSS Graffiti app that warns of expired access tokens. Problem is: This blogger is never logged out of Facebook because at least one device is always logged in to Facebook in the company.  So why is there an issue with the Access Token? That's anyone's guess, and don't count on Facebook helping out in any way.

RSS Graffiti explains it this way ...

You’re on this page because RSS Graffiti displayed the following message: 
“Facebook returned an access token that expires in x minutes. Please see our troubleshooting guide for help in resolving this issue.” 
This message is related to these errors which may be appearing in your activity log:
“RSS Graffiti does not have the proper credentials to publish to the target. No credentials found for target/page type” 
“Facebook error code: 190: Error invalidating access token: Session has expired at unix time …” 
These notices indicate RSS Graffiti doesn’t have a long-term access token for your profile. Access tokens allow RSS Graffiti to publish on your behalf when you’re not logged into Facebook. Whenever you visit the app, we attempt to request both a never-expiring access token for pages and a 60-day token for profiles and groups, so that publishing can continue for as long as possible without any action from you. 
However, Facebook made some recent changes which caused problems granting long term access tokens and there are certain cases where we are only able to get a 60-minute access token, which is nearly useless after you’re logged out for more than an hour.

The app publishers at RSS Graffiti seem a little frustrated with the message, too.

If you continue to see the short-lived access token message, you may be subject to a confirmed Facebook bug related to this problem. You can subscribe to the bug here to try and raise Facebook’s awareness of the problem so that they quickly implement a fix.

One user, Justin Tazyn, sums up Facebook's response to the issue perfectly ...

"This has been high priority for over 2 months. Is it really high priority?"

Apple iPad Mini Announcement October 23? Wi-Fi Only?

The invites that were expected for the Apple iPad mini were expected on October 10, 2012, but never arrived. However All Things D is reporting this morning that Apple will hold a press conference on Tuesday, October 23, 2012 to unveil the iPad mini. Fortune had reported that Apple would send out iPad mini invitations on Oct. 10, hold its event on Oct. 17, and start selling the new device by Nov. 2. Wrong so far. Now there is a rumor that the Apple iPad mini will not have a cellular radio version -- only a Wi-Fi version to keep the price down. Apple often release great product, but doesn't go all out -- probably a great marketing design so that people who have money to burn will by -- in this case -- the Wi-Fi model, even thought they would rather have a cellular-capable iPad mini. Then when the cellular-capable iPad mini comes out in three-to-six months, they hand down the Wi-Fi only model and buy the new cellular-capable version. That means more sales for Apple.

Atrix HD Car Camera Recorder

With the Atrix HD Car Camera Recorder, immediately pull footage from the accident and solve insurance disputes easily with other drivers. It records everything while you drive -- a simple concept that can save hours of hassle time, or provide proof of innocence in traffic accidents.

Over 10 million car accidents per year. Shoots in 720p resolution with 10 built-in LED lights for low light situations. Memory card works as a continuous loop.

Camera has 120 degree view angle, this on-the-go and easy to use Car Camera won't miss a second of action (picks up almost entire freeway on a 4 lane highway). The camera is also adjustable and rotates 360 degrees to face the inside or outside of the car. While recording in 720p resolution High Definition, you can watch what it records, while you drive, on a compact 2.5 inch LCD screen that flips open.

720p HD recording resolution
2.5" LCD monitor
10 built-in LEDs lights
Supports SD cards up to 32GB (not included)
Battery life of 3 hours and 12c Adapter (included)
Easy connection to PC or television for instant viewing

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