Data Security Measures for Businesses

Data breaches can have devastating impacts on your business. In addition to damaging a company’s reputation, threatening the safety of employers and customers, and incurring serious legal ramifications, data breaches can result in debilitating financial losses from which some companies never recover. Due to the many serious complications that can occur as a result of a data breach, you undeniably need to protect your business’s data. To learn how to better protect your company’s data, consider implementing these data security measures for businesses.

Set up a firewall

Setting up a firewall will help protect your business’s network from data breaches. Based on predetermined security rules, these network security systems block unauthorized external networks from accessing the network. While serving as a barrier, they still allow for outward communication.

Shred old hard drives

Hard drives store extensive amounts of data for many businesses. If such hard drives do not get properly disposed of, data is at risk of someone steal it. Hard drives are incredibly durable, which means that they can undergo a lot of damage before the data on them becomes completely unrecoverable. One of the only ways to ensure data is destroyed is by shredding the hard drive.

Install antivirus protection

No business’s data security protocol is complete without effective antivirus and anti-malware software. If unwanted attackers get though to your network, this software will serve as your business’s last line of defense. They prevent, detect, and remove harmful viruses.

Regularly update your computer

Regularly updating your computer will ensure your data’s security. If you choose not to update your computer, you won’t have the latest versions of your security applications protecting your data. Thus, any issues that such systems had will not be resolved on your device. As a result, your data becomes more vulnerable to a security attack. It’s highly important not to forgo regular computer updates.