Ways that Drones are Changing Businesses

Technology is constantly changing today. In our cars, homes, and even the workplace, technology is improving our everyday lives. Specifically, unmanned aerial vehicles are significantly contributing to workplace improvements today. Productivity, safety, convenience, and security are just some of the ways that drones are changing businesses.

Boost Productivity

Drones are greatly increasing productivity in the workplace. They can be used for various purposes, such as mapping, surveillance, and inspections. A drone’s versatility allows for significantly improved jobsite productivity. Specifically, they’re able to inspect any safety issues, analyze the noise footprints, and identify and maximize revenue. Companies can also inspect for damages in hard to reach places. For example, insurance companies can use drones for property inspection.

Ensure Worker and Field Safety

Drones also maintain worker safety. In many industries, drones can monitor workers from a secure location. From there, drones spot hazards and assess any potential risks. With this, managers don’t have to put workers at risk in potentially dangerous situations. Additionally, drones can spot structural issues in hard to reach areas. Engineers can use drones to spot issues in bridges, dams, buildings, and construction sites without putting workers at risk. Using drone inspections reduces human injury and ensures a safe work environment.

Add Convenience

For certain industries, such as package delivery, drones offer great convenience. A drone’s ability to fly and carry a certain amount of weight makes it optimal for home deliveries where a car and driver were previously needed. Some companies, like Amazon and UPS, are experimenting with drone usage for a cheaper, more reliable package delivery system. In fact, drones can even be used for food delivery. Their unmanned flying capabilities allow for a faster, more efficient response time. Still, airspace restrictions and legality prohibit this delivery system to be used on a grand scale yet. The drone travel’s convenience makes it a promising feature for the future of delivery services.

Increase Security

Their ability to reach great heights and hard-to-reach places make drones excellent for workplace security. In stores and businesses, drones can spot theft and shoplifting better than traditional security systems. Security cameras, for instance, typically can only monitor a certain radius before hitting a blind spot. Drones do not face this issue. Security drones survey an entire property, can alert law enforcement, and can even tag intruders with a dye pack or other protective measure.