The Smart Way to Move a Computer During an Office Move

An office move can cause many people stress. The possibility of breaking or losing important, and expensive, pieces of equipment vital to your job increases during a move. The most important piece in today’s working world is a computer. Here’s the smart way to move a computer during an office move.

Organize the Wires

An easy mistake plenty of people make happens before they take their computer apart for a move, which is not organizing all the wires. A computer has many pieces you will have to transport, and wires are where it starts to get messy. Make your life a whole lot easier by labeling each wire and color coding them, so you can keep things in order during the move.

Place it in a Heavy-Duty Box

Since a lot of different equipment will move from one building to another, ensure you place the computer and all of its parts in a heavy-duty box. This way, you can avoid any potential damage that may come to it as you transport it.

Use Cushions

In addition to placing it in a heavy-duty box, you should also surround the computer with soft materials, like blankets and pillows, so it doesn’t get damaged. A computer monitor can easily get scratched, so wrap a blanket around it first. Then, place the wrapped computer in the container.

Don’t Carry Too Much

Another common mistake people make when they move is carrying too much at once. You many think you can handle it all, but you should handle an expensive piece of equipment, like a computer, with care.

Make Sure It’s on a Flat Surface

As you move your computer to another office, place the box on a flat surface. Your computer holds a lot of value, and you shouldn’t put the box on top of something that’s not sturdy. This decreases the risk any damage will happen to your equipment.

Following the smart way to move a computer during an office move will help you keep that valuable desktop protected.