5 Creative Ways to Use Digital Signage in your Store

If foot traffic and sales in your brick-and-mortar retail outlet are lagging, it might be time to shake things up. Devise a new marketing strategy for in-store promotions and re-engage your customers. The human eye is drawn to a screen—marketing professionals and ad execs have known this for decades. As we go through our daily lives surrounded by screens, we can’t help but try to look at all of them. Use screens to your advantage by placing them in your store. Smart business owners use visuals to engage their customers and boost sales inside their stores. Here are some ways to use digital signage to improve your business.

Promote Your Other Platforms

People are in your store because they like your products and services. They’ve already decided that they like you and your shop, so give them more. Use digital signage to promote your other platforms and services. Show customers what else you have going on, such as your social media, YouTube channel, or an upcoming tradeshow you will be attending. If your store has another location, promote that as well and get more traffic in there, too.

Create a Window Display

It’s not enough to hope that people see your store from the street as they walk or drive by. You have to grab their attention and pique their curiosity. Set up a window display that dazzles the eye and brings people in. Run promotions, product demos, or clips of whatever—just use that screen as a big hook to bring people in.

Run Product Demos

Use the screen to demonstrate your products. Set up a simple demonstration, infomercial style. There is a reason those still run on TV—they are effective. Show customers how great your products are and how to use them in different and creative ways.

Tell Your Story

Consumers want to connect with a brand now, not just buy products. They want to feel that the brand speaks to them and has similar values. Use the digital space to tell customers about your business and how it came to be. Tell them what your business is doing to help the community at large. It’s your story, so craft it however you like but be genuine in the approach. Everyone loves a great story about overcoming odds, not a fantastic story full of embellishments.

Inform About Coming Promotions

Make the display a bulletin board for your customers. Provide information about upcoming promotions and sales, shows you will be at, and whatever else you think they need to know. Be a resource for your customers and tell them what new products are coming in and when they’ll be available for purchase. If you don’t tell your customers about your services, no one else will.