Your Logitech G500 Gamer Mouse Got Hammered with Static? Here's a Possible Fix

Logitech G500 gamer mouse defect problem + fix (review/video credit: Gene Angel.

Update Note from Gene Angel: "After experimenting for a time I have concluded that it's better to use aluminum foil than plastic wrap. The reason is the hammers over time will wear the plastic wrap out. Just make sure you unplug your mouse before repair. Secondly, the aluminum foil rectangle should NOT reach the very bottom of the switch or make contact with ANY other part of the mouse. Aluminum foil contact can cause a short and kill the mouse, so USE those rubber bands or just use plastic/tape! UNPLUG your mouse! Just cut the aluminum foil into the switch-sized rectangles. Put them on with the rubber band without slack but not so tight it will tear when pressed. Other material (static bag) may work as well? Feel free to post your results."