TV Summary from CES: Quick Look at TV Progress

UHD TV Overview - CES 2014.

While 4K has been the big thing for a while, there were already 5K and 8K models already on display at CES 2014. 4K can be streamed 15 MB/s or faster.

Bottom line? Displays are beautiful, but manufacturers have not improved the software for controlling televisions. Hopefully, 2015 will be the year of the User Interface for televisions.

Panasonic? Bad user interface.
Samsung? Unintuitive
Sharp? Content is priority.
LG? Good work on the OS and User Interface ... See bottom video (below) ...

Many tech gurus recommend just getting a regular flat panel TV with a beautiful display, and adding Apple TV or ROKU.

Samsung 105" Panoramic Curved UHD TV at CES.

Samsung's presentation of the 105" UHD TV courtesy of CNET.

A television with no visible borders to the screen? Sharp is working on that. Ever dreamed of an 8k 3D TV that doesn't require glasses. There was one at CES 2014.

2014 LG Smart TV with webOS.

LG Electronics (LG) at CES 2014 unveiled its newest Smart TV platform at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. webOS, which was purchased from Hewlett-Packard in March last year, has been reinvented and reintroduced as LG's new Smart TV platform. The new operating system offers an intuitive user interface for an experience that is both seamless and refreshingly uncomplicated, based on years of experience collected by the webOS team. Furthermore, the new platform makes it extremely easy for developers to create applications and enhances the compatibility of LG's Smart TVs with other devices.