FLIR ONE Places a Thermal Image Camera on an Apple iPhone 5 Case, Android Coming

FLIR ONE is the world's first private thermal imager, and slides right onto an Apple iPhone 5 or Apple iPhone 5s.

FLIR ONE(TM), is the first consumer-oriented thermal imaging system, which will be available as an Apple iPhone case for about $350. Introduced today at CES 2014, FLIR ONE places the power of thermal imaging technology into the palm of the consumer via an easy-to-use smartphone accessory case.

FLIR ONE attaches to any Apple iPhone 5 or 5s smartphone and displays a live thermal image on the phone's screen, giving users the unprecedented ability to see the world in a way the naked eye cannot, including in complete darkness. With a targeted MSRP of $349, FLIR ONE senses heat rather than light utilizing FLIR's revolutionary new Lepton(TM) camera core. This camera core incorporates the same FLIR(R) thermal imaging technology that is used in security, public safety, energy efficiency, nighttime navigation, industrial production, preventive maintenance, and the enjoyment of the outdoors.

Users of FLIR ONE (TM) can detect intruders in total darkness, find a lost pet, or see through smoke in an emergency using a FLIR ONE.

Also, homeowners and contractors with a FLIR ONE can easily identify heat or cooling leaks in buildings, find studs in walls, or locate water damage. An outdoor enthusiast can observe wildlife, day or night, navigate in the dark, determine if the day's catch is fully cooked, or make sure a campfire is out by using FLIR ONE.
"FLIR ONE represents a dramatic step in our pursuit of 'infrared everywhere.' As the first truly consumer focused thermal imager, FLIR ONE introduces thermal imaging technology to a completely new group of customers than we currently serve."

-- Andy Teich, President and CEO of FLIR

Think of the possibilities, too. Connecting your FLIR enabled iPhone to a large LED or OLED display.

FLIR took its name from the acronym for forward-looking infrared imaging systems, and is best known for imaging technology in defense, security, and law enforcement. FLIR's largest division, Government Systems, sells products to a variety of government agencies, including police and military, with products ranging from weapon sights to perimeter surveillance systems to low light cameras to laser illuminators. FLIR K-Series fire protection cameras are used to detect combustibles and hotspots, and victims in low visibility areas.

  FLIR: "New FLIR K-Series thermal imaging cameras combine superior visibility, easier operation, and more effective imaging with incredible affordability."

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