Steve Jobs introduces the phrase "Digital Lifestyle" and the "Digital Hub" strategy at Macworld 2001

On January 9, 2001, Steve Jobs gave one of his greatest Macworld keynote presentations.

Steve Jobs introduced at the January 9, 2001 keynote ...

The original version of Mac OS X;

The original SuperDrive;

The original widescreen PowerBook G4;

The original versions of iTunes and iDVD.

The desktop version of Mac OS X v10.0 was introducted in March 2001 (Mac OS X Server 1.0 was introduced in 1999). On February 4, 1997,  Apple Computer acquired NeXT for $427 million, and used OPENSTEP as the basis for OS X. After Apple removed Steve Jobs from management in 1985, he developed NeXT with funding from Ross Perot and his own money. The NeXT hardware was phased out in 1993, but the company's object-oriented operating system NeXTSTEP had a non-NeXTSTEP cousin operating system developed named OPENSTEP, which was also built on a Mach-based Unix like NeXTSTEP. OPENSTEP was a specific implementation of the OpenStep API developed by NeXT, and was combined with Mac OS technologies to produce Mac OS X. Apple's OS X and iOS are direct descendants of NeXTSTEP, through the OPENSTEP.  NeXTSTEP introduced the idea of the Dock.

Interesting to note, the first web browser, "WorldWideWeb", was developed on the Nextstep platform -- released into the public domain in 1993.

Also in 2001 ...

Tysons Corner Center Apple Store in Tysons Corner, Virginia on May 15, 2001.

On May 15, 2001, Steve Jobs hosted a press event at the first Apple Store at the Tysons Corner Center mall in Tysons Corner, Virginia. Jobs led a group of journalists from a hotel in Tysons Corner, Virginia, to unveil the never seen Apple's first store -- complete with a Genius Bar -- in the second level of Tysons Corner Center for a commemorative press event. The first two Apple Stores opened on May 19 in Tysons Corner and in Glendale, California at Glendale Galleria.  The first Apple Store with the current layout and hardware (wood tables and stone flooring) opened in Pasadena, California.