Obsolete! New Connection Port and Power Adapter Plug Rumor for Apple iPhone

Apple has a double attack when it comes to making money and becoming the wealthiest company in the world with cash reserves that dwarf some countries' treasuries.

First, they make killer products with coveted features -- products that leave other tech companies only dreaming about innovation, and only copying Apple Inc. products.

Second, they make their products obsolete -- making it difficult for people to extend the life of their products.

The latest rumor out of Cupertino is that the next-generation iPhone will have a new connection port about one-third the size of the current model. It will use a 19-pin connector instead of the current 30-pin design. It will also incorporate electronic chips in the power supply that will block unlicensed accessories.

That means you extra chargers, clock radios, boom boxes, car chargers with your old phone won't work with your new phone.