Apple Fined for Misleading iPad Ads in Australia

Federal Court Justice Mordecai Bromberg on Thursday said that Apple has been charged with a a fine over $2 million. Under new consumer laws, the fine is only the fifth fine exceeding $1 million, which emphasizes the “seriousness of a company the size of Apple refusing to change its advertising”.

Apple promoted in an ad that the new iPad can run on 4G mobile networks using a sim card, but the connection was not possible. High quality global journalism requires investment.  Apple’s third-generation iPad -- launched in March 2012 -- uses the 700 megahertz and 2,100MHz frequencies to connect with 4G LTE services. Telstra, the telecommunication company that operates Australia’s first 4G LTE network, involves dual mode LTE / HSPA+ mobile broadband devices that operate seamlessly across 1800MHz and 850MHz spectrum bands. Telstra Next G network customers access 4G where it is available and then get a seamless switchover to the 3GHSPA technology in other areas where 4G is not available.

The Apple ads ran from March8 to May 12, even after Apple was notified about the misleading advertising.