Industries That Use Video Walls

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Video walls are popular pieces of technology that are finding their way into many industries. You have likely seen and maybe even used video walls at some point. Video walls offer a ton of benefits such as improving communication, accessibility to important information, and so much more. Learn about some of the industries that use video walls ahead.


In retail, there are many ways video walls have been found easily accessible for both employees and consumers; this is one reason that video walls have become so prominent. With digital displays, items can be found, checked out, attract customers with promotion, and so much more.


In recent years, the food industry has been utilizing video walls in several ways. A primary use for video walls in restaurants is for menus, but promotion is often intertwined with these digital displays. Restaurant video walls also allow customers to easily access items and even purchase them with touch screen functionality.


The next industry that uses video walls is security. Technology is constantly evolving and providing facilities new ways to protect themselves from sophisticated threats. Video walls can provide an advantage for control rooms when monitoring potential threats, which is why there are also several considerations that need to be considered for it to be effective in the security setting.

Medical Facilities

Medical facilities also utilize video walls in a major way. Medical professionals can look over important data and interact with data by using a video wall. Video walls in hospitals also allow for a more effective form of communication with video calls. The placement of video walls in medical facilities is also beneficial for visitors; these video walls can display easily accessible maps and other important information.

Public Transportation

The last industry where you may have noticed video walls is within public transportation. Airports and train stations are always experiencing time changes; video walls can come in handy in these instances. Video walls are also beneficial for what occurs on the operational side of things. This technology can relay important information faster than ever before.

Video walls continue to populate the world around us. That will continue to be the case given all the benefits this form of technology has to offer for so many industries around the world.