The Coolest Advancements in Car Technology

Companies like Tesla, Jeep, and Toyota, are all changing the way we think about our cars. These and many other major companies have developed features to improve car safety and efficiency for drivers around the world. Here are some of the coolest advancements in car technology.

GPS Integration

GPS technology has undoubtedly changed the way we travel—it’s no longer necessary to fumble around with a map. Many modern vehicles now have popular GPS applications like Google Maps and Waze readily integrated into their operating system. It’s never been easier to get from Point A to Point B.

Bluetooth Capabilities

Bluetooth is a hands-free technology that allows drivers to safely make and receive phone calls while on the road. It’s also great for those who want to listen to their favorite music or podcasts because drivers can change songs without taking their hands off the wheel, reducing distractions.

Emergency Braking

Car manufactures are always concerned about safety and, as such, are always looking for ways to minimize risk on the road. Emergency braking systems are the result of this mindset. As one of the coolest advancements in car technology, emergency braking will assist a driver in situations where they must come to an instant halt.

Backup Cameras

As its name implies, this technology gives the driver a better visual of what is happening behind them. Consequently, a backup camera saves drivers from the dangers of potentially hitting something—or someone—as they reverse. Many backup cameras also feature an alert system that gives the driver an auditory warning as they approach danger.

Automatic High-Beam Lights

It can be difficult to know when it’s appropriate to turn on your headlights. Thankfully, many modern cars now feature automatic high-beam lights to remedy the confusion. Newer Jeep Wrangler models, for example, put this tech to work daily. These lights will automatically turn on when necessary, and they’ll also adjust their brightness based on the time of day.

Autonomous Capabilities

Autonomous capabilities are still in development but may very well become the new normal in the near future. One major hurdle that tech and auto companies must overcome is finding a way to have vehicles communicate with each other to prevent accidents. Google and Tesla are currently testing self-driving cars on the roads, and if testing continues into the next decade, it will change our lives in a big way.