Tech and The Future of Transportation

Transportation constantly evolves, which we’ve seen throughout time. There are many exciting prospects currently in the works that can change the way we commute and travel. Here’s how tech and the future of transportation may play a role in our lives.

Self-driving cars have been a popular topic as companies like Google, Tesla, and Uber continue to experiment with the technology. You may already see self-driving vehicles on the road because they’re being tested in various cities. The idea is that you will no longer have to operate your vehicle, which feels like something contrived out of a science fiction novel.

The trust in the vehicle’s safety will continue to concern passengers, but future car technology has benefits such as less time spent on the road. With these changes coming, common car problems that we’re concerned with now may go away.

The landscape of public transportation appears to be heading in a brand new direction, as well. Tesla’s Elon Musk says we should adopt bullet trains, like the ones in Japan, that can reach speeds of around 200 mph. Adding underground tunnels to cities with heavy traffic, like LA and Chicago, has also been proposed.

Another idea to combat traffic is to add gyroscopic vehicles to the roads. The futuristic vehicle would operate like a bus or train does in urban cities. The gyroscopic vehicle has two wheels and moves on tracks above regular car traffic.

Transportation services like Uber and Lyft continue to grow and expand their mediums. Recently, Uber and Lyft adopted electric scooters, which allows people to pick one up and take it anywhere within the scooter’s limits. Something to look forward to in the future is aerial ridesharing with helicopter-esque travel from Uber, as welql.

Tech and the future of transportation may also bring us commercial space flight. The opportunity for civilians to travel to space may become a viable option. Virgin Galactic has been at the forefront of this innovative way to travel, and testing is still underway. The SpaceShipTwo will act like a commercial airplane, but in space. You may see commercial space travel as a realistic form of transportation in the near future.