5 Ways Technology Is Changing the Workplace

Technology can be a polarizing topic when it comes to benefits and harms. However, it cannot be denied that it is greatly influencing the modern workplace. Business operations are now easier than ever, and technology is changing the workplace in many ways.

Connecting Employees and Businesses

The way businesses communicate started changing once telephones were created. Today, email is one of the most common ways businesses stay connected, but other social networking apps have paved the way for more interaction through technology, too. Applications such as Skype and Facebook have brought companies from around the world together in a conference room for face-to-face meetings.

Increased Productivity

Working on the go is far more efficient with various app capabilities across multiple devices and platforms. Cloud storage has also made your hard work immortal and easily accessible. Employees listen to music to be more productive and stay focused on the task at hand.

The Ability to Work from Home

Working from home is becoming more common due to the capabilities of technology. Most office work performed today can be done on any laptop or computer. Commuting to the office, being stuck in traffic, and blowing through your gas tank is becoming a thing of the past. Remote work also gives employees more flexibility with work schedules and keeps business plans intact.

Business Organization

Another big way technology is changing the workplace is by making it easier for business to be organized. Having an organized business is essential for smooth operations, and technology has made that easier than ever. Programs like Microsoft Outlook feature digital calendars that keep everyone up to speed with meetings throughout the week with notification reminders. Microsoft Excel is also commonplace for businesses and keeps everyone in the know about day-to-day operations and figures.

Social Media Presence

Social media continues to affect every facet of life, which includes jobs. Social media is not only a tool for marketing, but also a great help in the hiring process. Hiring can be some of the most tedious work employers have to do, but applications like LinkedIn and Indeed make it that much easier to find the perfect hire for a growing business.