Don't Deprecate the CENTER Tag; There Is No Simpler and More Reliable Replacement in HTML, XTML, or CSS

The <center> tag is a simple way of quickly center-aligning blocks of text, Twitter embed code, Facebook embed code, and images by encapsulating the container in a <center> tag

Centered with the <CENTER></CENTER> tag (functions properly) ...

So-called experts recommend people use <div style="text-align:center">xyz</div>

This works for text and images, and Facebook embeds, but it doesn't work for Twitter embeds.

Twitter single post embed centered with <div style="text-align:center"> (DOES NOT WORK) ...
Notice that the embed below is left aligned. It is not centered.

Twitter timelines are centered properly with , but individual Tweet post embeds do NOT center properly. 

How does Blogger center?
The code works with plain text.

This text is center by Blogger formatting.

Blogger uses <div style="text-align: center;">

Interesting comment ...

"The CENTER element is exactly equivalent to specifying the DIV element with the align attribute set to "center"." except it is clear by looking at the tag that it is centered. If this was a valid reason, we could depricate <strong>, <b>, all <h> and other tags and say they do the same thing as <span> with some css. besides, XHTML doesn't even recognize HTML5 tags such as canvas. It is only deprecated because of the war against marquees, centers, tables, frame which is purely religious, as they all have a place. – Dmitry Jun 5 at 18:23

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