My TwitterFeed Stopped Working; Nothing Is Posting to Twitter or Facebook

TwitterFeed offers the following instructions for troubleshooting designated posts that don't make to your Twitter or Facebook timelines.

First, check that there isn't something in the feed that instructs TwitterFeed to stop posting items - for details of the elements that we check when deciding whether to post an item or not, see the previous entry "My feed updated once, but only once, and never again". If everything looks OK in this respect, it could be related to a problem with the realtime (pubsubhubbub) hub not sending us notifications, or with the server headers returned by the feed server incorrectly telling us there's nothing new to retrieve.

First, try the "check now!" link for the feed in the dashboard, this should run a fetch of the feed, and update to Twitter if it finds anything new. If this doesn't work, or the issue consistently returns after a manual check, please let Twitterfeed know at with details of the feed URL and your account, and they will investigate.

In addition to TwitterFeed's advice ...

Also, be aware that Facebook has a "Token" that expires every so often. If you are feeding your blog articles to Facebook, they will probably stop after a certain time interview. TwitterFeed shows the status regarding when the Token will expire.

To see the information, go to Dashboard: Feed: Step 2.

If you have already setup a Facebook feed, you will see it listed in the Step 2 page with the expiration date in brackets. Twitter doesn't have an expiration token.

Before the expiration (optimally) or after expiration date, click on the Facebook listing in the Step 2 page.

Next click on the blue button that says "Connect with Facebook" ... Make sure your previously connected personal Facebook page is listed in the first drop down menu. When you click the blue Facebook button, another dropdown menu will display below the blue button. Select the Facebook page in the dropdown menu where you want your blog article to post.

A new expiration date will appear.  The posts will eventually stop working after the expiration date, so it is best to do this procedure before the expiration date. The token lasts about two months, so a page connect today on June 24, 2016 would get an expiration date of August 24, 2016.

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