Dear National Weather Service: This is Not User Friendly

Message from National Weather Service Storm Prediction Center Sunday, March 8, 2015.

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NOAA OSM *** Experimental ***

NOAA Open Source GIS Community:

The WOC has created a prototype OpenStreetMap service that is available to use for web mapping site development. The OSM service provides a WMS service endpoint that contains street, city names, water bodies, political boundaries, and many other layers for North America. The service is available publicly and can be used as a background map alternative to Google Maps in developing sites with OpenLayers or other popular web mapping APIs.

Keep in mind that it is not operationally supported at the moment, however it is fully-scaled and geographically redundant for optimal performance, and can be used for development purposes or for non-critical public sites (with any appropriate disclaimers) while it is under review by the WOC to provide as an operational service.

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NWS SPC seems to be generating Twitter announcements normally ...