After Upgrade No Drop Down Menu: Facebook Can Only Share Posts and Albums to Your Own Timeline

Not ready for prime time
A Facebook bug may be related to an upgrade of the Facebook page layout that is rolling out in May 2014.  Page administrators that try to share a photo album or a post do not see the drop down menu that allows the page administrator to share the album or post to another administered page. The only option available is to share on the timeline where the album already exists.

There is a work around ...
At the top of the page that you administer, you will see the following sentence:

You are posting, commenting, and liking as [YOUR PAGE NAME] — Change to [YOUR PERSONAL NAME]

Make the change so that you are operating as your PERSONAL NAME. Go ahead and share your album, photo, or post (update). You will once again see the drop down menu.

If you go back to administering as your page name, the drop down menu might disappear again (unless Facebook fixes this issue).

Reminder ...
You might want to change back to your page name, so you don't post to your timeline with your personal name. You will just have to change back and forth every time you want to share something to one of your other pages or groups, etc.