HTC One M8 Features and TV App

HTC One M8: a quick look.

The original HTC One smartphone received widespread rave reviews. But can the Taiwanese firm attract similar critical acclaim with the M8? The Guardian takes a lightning look at the new device, touching on its sleek design and build, the modified news app BlinkFeed, its Boom Sound speakers, a cute new dot matrix case, the five-megapixel front facing 'selfie' camera and the nifty new depth sensor on the main camera.

Top 5 features.

1. 4 ultra pixel camera with a hardware solution for selective focus like a DLR.

2. Build quality: Made with aluminum that does not interfere with antenna, and screen bumped up to 5 inches with a curved back that has a nice feel.

3. Speakers with a 25 percent volume boost.

4. Sixth sense BlinkFeed ... BlinkFeed is a Flipboard-like tile interface that is set permanently on the main home page. Created in collaboration with Mobiles Republic, BlinkField pulls in content from various publications and social networks (Twitter, Plurk, LinkedIn, Flickr, Zoe Share and more), as well as your calendar and TV shows from the TV app. The feed can be customized, but the first version doesn't allow custom RSS feeds.

5. Longer battery life.

A demo showing the TV remote app on the new HTC One M8 and it works.