Facebook Adds Ability to Embed Status Updates, Photos and Videos with Embed Code for Blogs

Facebook has officially added the option to embed status updates, photos, or videos from its users on any site. You cannot embed the two-to-four photos that represent a photo album.

The new embed command is located by activating the little down arrow that activates the drop down menu already used for reporting a post or marking it as spam -- or if it is your own post, where you boost, hide, make a date change, or delete the post.

Readers that are reading an article with a Facebook embed are able to Like, Comment or Share right from the embed. People that aren't inclined to use Facebook can still take a look -- right in the blog article.

Twitter and Instagram features already included the embed feature, which was a desired feature of Facebook by many. Unfortunately, Facebook's first version does not scale like Twitter's version. For example, Twitter can be embedded in a 300-pixel-wide column, but Facebook overflows a 300-pixel-wide column.